Block of the Month

February 2016 - Retro Mod Log Cabin Block

Well December and January seem to have disappeared but not to worry, February exists! Find this easy and adaptable block here.

November 2015 - Danish Heart Block

Love this fabulous favourite! But it is quite hard to find a nice one I think. Hopefully you will like this one and you can find the free tute here. Bring some traditional hyyge into your life. Happy making!

October 2015 - Patched Pumpkin

Love me a bit of text print! With that in mind, I decided to go a bit mad for October and love me LOTS of text prints! And look at that - nestled in the middle is a patched punkin too - learn how to make this one in full step-by-step colour here. Happy Halloween!

August 2015 - Easy-peasy cheat's Cathedral

I have always been in two minds about the Catherdral Window block. Do I like it or is it just a bridge too far and a little old fashioned for my tastes. Then there is the making involved! I like a shortcut from time to time and I have found this one. Perhaps I like the Cathedral Window after all...see if you agree; find the free tute here.

July 2015 - Bear Paw

Loving low volume prints and text in black and white at the moment and they are both just perfect for the Bear Paw block which is the star of July. This is an easy block to make and it looks fabulous included in a scrappy quilt. Find out how to make it here.

June 2015 - Scrappy #1

Scraps this time and this is the sort of block that you often see on those so on-trend modern quilts that you cannot always work out. Move it around by placing it en pointe or just rotating ninety degrees each time. Use with ot without sashes. Burn through that scrap basket! Find out all about it here.

May 2015 - Chevron Block

This one is all made from half square triangles and it is a little more of a challenge. But it looks really effective. For a detailed tutorial and also how to use it in a project, take a look here.

April 2015 - Economy Patch with a Variation

This is another easy block and very versatile. By mixing up the fabrics, fabulous patterns can be achieved with ease. Find the detailed tutorial here.

March 2015 - Classic Four Patch

The classic four patch block is great for beginners. You can find the free tutorial here.