Thursday, 4 May 2017

Upcylced Can Planters with Recycled Plants!

I have been looking at my tin cans with a very beady eye of late. We eat quite a lot of tinned vegetables like beans and tomatoes and the bin  fills up rapidly with the cans.

Nothing special about these cans - everyone can get their hands on some and you have already paid for them!

So I thought that a double whammy might be the way to go, reuse and upcycle the cans and at the same time reuse and upcycle some plants to put into them.

Bit of a difference!

I have been doing a bit of seed saving too and have managed to coax some chilli seeds into life and also a lemon! Very excited about the lemon.

The lavender got pruned too and the cuttings are sprouting.

So this is an extra quick make. You need to find some cans, remove the label and wash them. Here in the UK, cans with a ring pull are best because they do not have a sharp edge on the top.

Start with clean cans

I have used some pretty paper to cover them and some hot glue to keep it in place.

You can also decorate with die cut letters. Have a look at THIS to see how I do them.

Loooove my Sizzix courier font dies. You will be seeing them a lot!

Or maybe wrap with jute twine if you think that it is all a bit plain.

As if this paper could be called plain!

Plant your saved seeds and be very happy that not much has had to be sourced new for this one!

These are perfect on a sunny window. Think herbs as suitable occupants and think how they will add oomph to you kitchen.

Of course, you can used them for other things too like pencils and anything else that might be rolling around your desk

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope that you have enjoyed this (for me) rather short and sweet post.
See you next time!