Friday, 10 March 2017

#useful Cute Geometric Purse DIY

I do love geometry and I do love a useful purse so the idea of combining the two seems like bliss. So without further ado, that is actually what I did. This little lovely starts life as a trapezoid and then becomes a triangle. 

It is super useful to store things like jewellery, coins, your iPod and much more.

And it is very fabric friendly needing less than a fat 8th! What's not to love there?

So what will we need?
- 2 fat 8ths of pretty fabric
- 1 fat 8th G740 woven fusible interfacing (Vlieseline)
- 1 Kam snap to close

As I said, not much needed! You will however, need a template and here it is....

It is on A4 paper and the scale is 1:1.

Begin by using the template to cut two pieces of fabric, 1 of outer and one of lining. Also cut one of interfacing and fuse it to the wrong side of your chosen outer fabric. Place the interfaced outer and the lining right sides together and pin. Sew all around leaving a turning gap.

Clip the corners to reduce bulk.

Turn the right way out and press so that the edges are perfect.

Now use a removable marker to mark the centre seams on. 

Sew them in a coordinating thread. This will help to make nice crisp edges when you fold the purse.

Fold one of the triangle pieces over to meet the other and sew the side down.
I have opted to do it my hand because I am a neat freak who loves details but you can also do it by machine. Add a Kam snap to close the purse.

That is actually all there is to it.

It's done!


Ready to use!

No more to be done!
I think that you get the idea. These make nice little purses for craft fairs and they are always appreciated as a gift. You can enlarge the pattern too and use them for all sorts of other things.

Thank you so much for dropping by and I hope that you have a lovely weekend of uninterrupted sewing!

Actually, before I do go, here is some stockist information for the main bits of the purse. I have used scraps of Art Gallery Fabrics so these may not be available anymore but do check the Hantex website because there are lots of others to fall in love with. The G740 interfacing is a Vlieseline product and it is just perfect for when you need a little extra oomph!

Hantex: For further details & stockists information please visit
Vlieseline from Ph 01453883581

Love and hugs