Friday, 3 February 2017

Spring in a Pot. The Edit.

I love winter. It is the most Hyggeligt time of the year for me but near the end of that hot chocolate high season, I find myself looking forward to spring. And that means some gardening.

I love my pot plants too and they have names and cute little homes (read: pots) and generally things that make my house an über comfort zone. Creating 'nest warmth' my German grandmother called it.  And I cannot think of a better name for it!

Sometimes, I get sick of the look of a pot (middle class problem alert) and a cover is the best way to change it quickly. I made a cover for this one while the dark days of winter were still upon us. I used Retwisst Spaghettiyarn in a delicious black and white stripe and a single crochet stitch.

Because the yarn is quite stretchy, make the pot holder slightly smaller than the pot and it will fit snugly indeed.

What a difference! Here is the before shot....

Not very sophisticated I fear! I made this for an American magazine about three years ago for a Children's Easter basket project and it doesn't really fit with what I need in my house.  The black and white is a little bit more grown up.

And you will notice that there is a cute pink tassel there too? With a touch of pale gold! How blissful! I thought that you might like to see how I made that.

You will need some matte cotton yarn in the colour of your choice. Pale pink is having a bit of a moment and goes so well with the black and white. I have also used an Anchor Artisan Metallic in a pale gold for the wrap. You will also need a piece of strongish cardboard about 7 cm x 10 cm (2 1/2 in x 4 in). A needle, some strong pink thread and you have everything!

Begin by wrapping the yarn around the cardboard about 30 times.

Tie off the top

Cut the bottom of the tassel to release it from the card (keep that card - I guarantee that you will make more of these!).

Tie the tassel off about 1cm (3/8 in) down from the top. It can be a bit more, just make sure that it looks nice.

With the needle, thread the long ends from the top and middle tie down into the tassel and trim the bottom level. Don't even THINK about cutting them!!!

Wrap the pale gold yarn around the middle tie and then secure the end inside the wrap at the back.

Use the other strong pink thread to secure the tassel to the front of the pot.

And you have a new home for your spring pot plant! Fifty thousand style points!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you love making your pots over for the new season. See you next time.

Love and hugs