Sunday, 13 November 2016

Powerful Chocolate Keto Smoothie - Kill Those Chocolate Cravings!

I know that this is mainly a sewing blog but I am guessing that sewists need to eat too and they also like healthy treats (stop reading now if that is totally wrong....).

I have struggled with my weight for as long as I or anyone else can remember but I have got it licked now with the help of the Keto diet. Now it is beyond the scope of this blog to go into that in huge detail at this point - it may happen at a later date. Suffice to say that at this point I should come out of the closet and let you know that in my past life, before writing sewing patterns, I was a respectable scientist and my masters degree was in food science so I can claim a bit of knowledge.

Anyway, the Keto diet works in wonderful ways and I know that the adherents like to have a treat from time to time as much as anyone and they also suffer from....cue dramatic music...chocolate cravings!

Some forms of the diet allow certain high cocoa variety chocolates and others add caution but I have come up with a delicious smoothie to solve all of the issues at once. It is quick and easy too so all good!

So why is it powerful? Because it fills you up for ages and it is so creamy and well, smooth that it feels like cheating. It isn't cheating though and it has a lot of healthy fat. So what do we need?

I like to use the frozen avocados from Tesco in the UK but supply is extremely uncertain. They are convenient and just as healthy as battling with a fresh one. But by all means use fresh. You can also buy and freeze your own - great rainy sunday activity.

The equipment that I use is a Magimix blender (powerful enough to make this REALLY creamy) and it has a mill attachment. You can buy these mill attachments and the reason that i love mine is that when I read in the manual that it could be used to prepare baby food, I realised that it could also be used to make a smoothie for one! I hate the thought of using the big jug just for one person because it is a lot to wash up and I am tempted to make the smoothie larger to make up for the washing up and then I will eat it all!

So start with the avocado (thaw it first)....

Then add cashews...

Now in with the cocoa...

And add the milk...

Basically, put the ingredients into the mill attachment bowl, put the lid on and then get blending! Give it a bit of a shake before blending, I find that this helps to get everything to where it needs to be.

You will have to gently hold it down (this is normal for this attachment) and set it on the smoothie setting and it will do the rest for you.

Honestly, if you are in the market for a blender, this is the one. If you have another sort, this will still work although the results may vary. Have a play with what you have. You will still get a smoothie.

And there we are! Put it into a nice cup and enjoy! 

Those of you who are paying attention will see that it is not sweetened. I am a bit from the old tough love school of human nutrition and I do not believe in pandering to our taste buds by adding Stevia and other things like that because our insulin will recognise this as a sweetener and the last thing that you want is an insulin response. Better yet, train yourself to expect less sweet stuff and you will have a better chance at sustaining weight loss.

I am going to freeze some of this next to see if that works so watch this space!

Thank you so much for dropping by. I hope that you enjoy this and it helps you along your journey.