Friday, 27 May 2016

Doggy Duvet

Who wants to see how to make a really quick quilt? No binding, no fuss - there isn't even much quilting! By the way - this little cutie is Daisy sister for Sally and my new fur baby!

This is a great stash buster too and I have made mine from some 10" squares and a pretty piece of fabric for backing. Some higher loft wadding and it was all over in about an hour and a half!

Now I have made this quilt for my two little girls, Sally and Daisy but it would translate perfectly to a cot quilt or something for the car or any other lap-quilt-necessary situation. Perfect for a wheelchair user too.

The whole idea was to produce a warm and light quilt using what I happened to have. My quilt measures 115 cm x 92 cm.

For this size quilt, you will need -
-20 x 10" squares (a fab way to use precut pack leftovers)
- a piece of wadding slightly larger than your quilt. I recommend P140 high loft wadding from Vlieseline (of course). It is the squashy, squeezy sort of stuff that makes a great cuddle quilt!
-backing fabric slightly larger than your quilt.
your usual sewing needs

This quilt is very easy to make larger or smaller by adding or subtracting squares.

Begin by sewing your squares together, firstly in rows of four and then sew those rows together to make your block of twenty...

Iron well, pressing the seams open and then lay this patched panel onto your wadding. sew all the way around using a slightly narrower than normal seam. Be careful that nothing puckers - PLENTY of pins are needed!

When you have done this, trim the wadding back to the same size as the panel. From now on, treat both pieces as one.

Take the backing panel and pin it right sides together with the patched top (pretend that the wadding doesn't exist. It will do the right thing, I promise. leaving a small gap, sew right around the perimeter of the quilt...

Trim the backing fabric and turn out through the gap. Close the gap. Again, pinning well, make a double row of stitching right around the outer edge of the quilt, about 2.5 cm in.

The only quilting that I have done is some diamonds in the middle of the intersections of the blocks. I found a 6 cm square to trace around and I used a water soluble marker to make a diamond...

Machine sew along this line and then another one just out from it (about a presser foot width).
Repeat on each intersection to keep the wadding behaving well..

And that's absolutely all there is to it! How is that for a quick quilt!

My little girls quite like it too so all round success!

You can find these beautiful fabrics and plenty more besides from Makower -

The wadding comes from Vlieseline. Find out all about it from Vlieseline from Ph 01453883581

Thank you for stopping by and I will see you again next time!
Happy sewing!