Saturday, 19 December 2015

Gnome Snowman - anything can happen at Christmas!

I am addicted to gnomes just about anywhere except in the garden - go figure! I love the idea of them and I love it when they are interesting and of course this means that I am looking for new figures to give a gnome-over (I promise that I am not making words up now...well perhaps a bit).

Before we get going, please allow me to apologise for the photo quality in this post. For some reason the Blogger platform has decided to squash and distort things a bit. Some have worked well and the others are looking a bit sad. 

Anyway back to the topic at hand, this gnomy business set me to wondering why we couldn't have a gnome snowman! No rules right! Well time will tell and future generations will be the judge of whether or not this is a good idea but in the mean time, here he is......

What do you think?

In my German-built mind, there have to be some vital components. there must be wood with the bark still on - check. There has to be green - check. It has to be something which could be come an heirloom favourite - check. There has to be red - check and he has to be soooo cute - um, check!

So what do we need to make this little fellow?

-2x wadding balls, one larger than the other. I found mine here but you can find them in good craft stores everywhere.
-4x smaller balls for snowballs
-a wood slice with the bark on
-some knitted green two tone tubing (same place as the wadding balls)
-Red wool felt to make a hat
-orange wool roving for the nose
-DecoArt Americana acrylic paint in lamp black and terra coral
-brush for dry brushing
-Hot glue gun 

Your usual crafting needs including some needle felting tools.

By the way, don't worry about the website for tghe wadding balls and the knit tubing being in German - it is easily translated and if you get into any bother, the friendly staff will reply in English. They have some fab stuff and beautifully priced too. You get a whole bag of wadding balls and a whole bag of tubing for your money.*

Begin by felting the nose. Pull off a piece of orange wool roving and roll it into a basic carrot shape between your fingers...

Manipulate it and felt it with the needles to create a solid shape. It is huge to begin with but it will become smaller as you felt. You can trim it too if it is still ridiculous. - the world can do without a Cyrano de Bergerac snowman!

You can always trim it back too and then continue felting until it is right.

You are after something that can be glued to the face so keep checking the proportions. It needs to be flat on the end....

The flat end makes a wider surface area and contact for gluing to his face.
I have left the other end quite whispy and carrot like on purpose.
Put the nose aside for the time being and make the hat next. Rather than go into it all again, here is a link to my Pinegnome Children from earlier this month and it shows the process. funny enough, I have used the same sized circle too. The reason that it fits both head sizes is that the larger ball for the snowman needs less adjustment. This is what you should have now.....

Okay, time to fire up the hot glue gun and assemble the pieces! Flatten the bottom and the top of the larger ball like this...

not quite as squashed as it may appear as you will see in the following photo!
This doesn't look fabulous but it  gives a larger surface area to stick to the wood and also to the other ball. You won't see the flat bit when you are finished. Glue the first wadding ball to the wood slice like this...

now it looks squeezed in the other direction!
Unless your wood slice is round, don't position it in the dead centre. It looks better to one side. Flatten the bottom of the smaller ball too (the one making the head) and glue it to the first.

Place the hat on the head and mark where it comes to with a water soluble marker mark which will be easily removed if it is visible. Make adjustments to the hat size if you need to.
Glue the nose on to the middle of the snowman's face...

ahh. the proportions are back to normal!
Dry brush the cheeks with a pink glow...

Oh no they're not!

Now take your black paint and the wrong end of a paint brush (or a skewer or similar) and make two dots for coal eyes....

Don't forget the coal buttons!

Allow enough time for the black dots to dry - they are like little meringues - they may appear dry on the outside but...

Glue the hat on now and cut a length of scarf and tie around the neck and glue that too....

Gluing the scarf will help to keep it in place. It tends to stick up otherwise.
While the glue gun is out, make a small pile of snowballs next to the snowman...

These balls have a hole in one end for other uses so make sure that the hole is out of sight when you are assembling.

And there we go! We have made a snowman together and not a nippy nose in sight!

These are very quick to make once you get into the rhythm you can make lots - they sell well on craft fairs too. because you get an assorted bag of the wadding balls, you have sizes to choose from.

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Love and hugs
Debbie xxx
*This is a personal opinion and was not solicited by the store - not were there any discounts of freebies offered in exchange for goods or services. I just like their things!