Friday, 13 November 2015

Nordic November! Broderie Suisse runner

November 2015 in England has been touted as one of the warmest ever. Not sure if that is true but it certainly was nice yesterday when Rob and I ventured into the woods near our home. not sure what it means in terms of the coming winter either despite the much loved rumours at this time of the year (every single year) about the arctic blasts to which we can look forward. 

I would love a proper winter. This year the prediction is for 36 days of snow. Hmm, we'll see. In the mean time, the forest is looking its very best....

Beautiful beechwood forest.

Loving the way the sun rides the mist to the ground.

Perfect fairytale forest.

The pines look ghostly. Very suitable for around Halloween!

I cannot describe the stillness. I felt as though I was the only thing in the world that could move.
There was a bit of mist and the bluest of skies but it was the sort of temperature that you cannot actually feel - you know what I mean; when it is warm, you can feel that it is warm and a cold jag in the air can certainly be felt. But yesterday was beautiful. Still as still in the forest and the perfect temperature for some Nordic walking. Bliss!

Right, where were we this week? That's right, Swiss embroidery: Scandi stylie.

You will recognise the candle holder from last week's post and if you would like to make one. You will find the step by step instructions with all the usual photos here.

Okay, okay, purists will spot straight away that Broderie Suisse or Chicken Scratch embroidery isn't exactly Nordic! I promise that I am not one of those people who insist on getting Sweden and Switzerland mixed up either.  No this is a deliberate 'Nordification' (that is a thing I promise) of an old favourite. 

I have taken a grey and white gingham and some red perle 8 cotton thread and made it Scandi. A red pom-pom trim and a trademark label completes the pretty picture. What do you think....

Now you can make this as big or as small as you like and all you will need to do is to repeat the pattern. My runner is 50cm x 25cm when it is finished.

So, gather these supplies:
Grey and white gingham (1/2 cm squares)
red perle 8 cotton
something for backing fabric.
red pom-pom trim
water soluble marker (optional)
Your usual needlework/sewing needs

First of all, here is the pattern

It contains only one very simple stitch (a double cross stitch) taken from the repertoire of Broderie Suisse and I will talk you through it.

This is the same as a cross stitch that you would find anywhere else. The only difference here is that instead of having an even weave cloth, we are using the the gingham as a guide to make them neat. 
Consider using the water soluble marker to mark out the entire pattern before you start stitching. This saves a lot of counting and checking if you were after a relaxing project!

Anyway, let's look at this stitch properly. You stitch one way...

And then you come back and cross the stitches.....

Then you make a plus sign over the top. First one way...

Then the other....

Now you have the basics, you can make this pattern. If you like the look of this and want to try a project with a few more stitches, I have a cute bread cloth tutorial here. You will find the double cross stitch there plus a few others.

Here is a peek of what the embroidered hearts and diamonds look like...

I have chosen to make a row of embroidery up each side of the runner but you could also place the two rows in the middle back to back for a different look. Here it is with the embroidery done...

When you have finished, lay the embroidery right sides together onto your chosen backing fabric and pin. Sew all around leaving a gap. Turn out through the gap and then close it. Topstitch around the edge....

I like to put the pom-pom trim on by hand because I have more control but it is really up to you.
Cut your trim to the desired length (mine is going onto  the ends of my runner). Consider dabbing some fray stopper onto the cut ends too ebcause it is very difficult to hem this without it looking very clunky.
Attach the trim to the ends....

Add a label for fun....

Woo-hoo! A classic runner on holiday in the north! 

This goes rather well with last week's antler candle holder too...

Love and hugs
Debbie xxx