Thursday, 8 October 2015

Hedgehog love - Autumn cushion

I had so much planned for you at the end of last month and then life got in the way as it tends to do so I have decided to pick up this month again and hope that no one has notices *raises eyes angelically towards the ceiling*.

We are into Autumn big time and October is the month of Halloween so even though it is not such a big deal here in England as it is for our cousins across the pond, we still carve pumpkins and have been known to trick or treat.

I have been walking in the forest and there are signs of deepening yellows around

the mushrooms are poking their heads up

summer is packing its bags and the berries are ripening

Trust me, I am keeping my eye on those! I don't know what it is about this time of the year but I still have an overwhelming need to nest and put food by in jars for the winter. The funiest thing is that I don't actually do it anymore. When I lived in Australia where there isn't really a 'proper' winter, I made jam and chutney and bottled fruit. Now I just think about it! Go figure. 

Maybe I just feel a little too out of touch with nature now that I no longer live on the land. May have to fix that....

I have another ta dah! moment too...

Popular Patchwork September 2015

That's my tea cosy and mat right there - check it out and let me know what you think.

We we are not here to muse about philosophy and why or why not I am not actually making chilli jam. We are here to sew! This week, I have a cute cushion for you with an applique hedge hog on it and some free motion embroidery and quilting - action packed to make up for last week!

Isn't that just cute! I love hedgehogs and they suit just perfectly on a cushion.

Gather these supplies:
this pattern fits a cushion 50cm x 30cm
2x fat quarters 272 Thermolam wadding  by Vilene
fat quarter fabric for the front
fat quarter fabric for the back
scraps of brown, tan, red and white fabrics
black thread, white thread
water soluble marker
glue stick
free motion needs for your machine
label making needs. You can find the tute for that here.

Here is the template for the hedge hog and the toadstool. The dashed lines indicate a pattern piece behind another.

To resize the pattern is quite easy actually, simply measure your cushion and then add a centimetre for fabric and three centimetres for wadding.

My cushion is 50cm x 30cm so I will begin with a piece of wadding 55cm x 35cm and a piece of fabric fro the front 51cm x 31cm....

Cut the applique pieces and glue them to the cushion front.....

Set your machine up for free motion embroidery according to the individual instructions for your model. this pattern will use two coloured threads, black for the hedgehog and white for the toadstool.

Embroider the applique pieces and then snip away the loose threads.....

With your machine still set up for free motion stuff, quilt the top in a meandering pattern avoiding the applique parts

By the way, consider drawing your pattern in with the water soluble marker for this - even an expert quilter can stray off the path!

This quilt pattern is a great one to add to your repertoire and it is great for filling in spaces.

I have added a little squirrel label to mine...

The link for that tute is here. Very easy to do and a little bit of product goes a long way. It makes your project look very professional.

Cut a piece of fabric for your cushion back and use the other pieces of wadding. I have used a straight grid pattern for the back of mine. Simply find a ruler that you like (mine is about 3.5cm wide) and draw lines. Then come back the other way and draw them again. Then use your walking foot to quilt along the lines. You don't even back the wadding because it is going to be a cushion!

Put it all together by sewing the front to the back with the right sides together. Leave a gap in the bottom to put the cushion in and then close the gap after you have done that. That's it! You have an Autumn cushion!

Here it is again in situ....

Love and hugs
Debbie xxx