Friday, 4 September 2015

What can I do with a 10" square or two? Back to school pencil cases!

I am going to set a new challenge for myself. I have noticed after a clean up of the craft room that I have a pile (or seven) of cute 10" squares and this just won't do. I simply don't have the room for unemployed fabric!

Enter the 10" square challenge. Over the next weeks, I want to make a series of small gifts and other pretties made only from these handy squares. The make may need one or it may need 15. We will see how we go. Timely too - Christmas is not too far away (I know, I know...) and if we start making now, we will have a few nice things to put under the tree.

Even better news is that my 10" squares are fantastic quality new fabric from some top collections and I have a few sets to give away. Even BETTER news is that some of the sets have bonus labels or panels which coordinate! So there will be yet more giveaways for you to look forward to. There is one this very day.

Before we get going for real though, let me show you my ta-dah! moment for the week. Actually it is a double whammy this time. My cushion is on the cover and my brand new column is starting in this issue too. It is the owl phone cover which you can see on the top right hand side; *Sigh* I love my job so much!

Issue 16

I have written some web tutorials for Pretty Patches too which include some basic how to advice for sewing and quilting. You can find those tutes and the magazine itself here.

Well! Let's kick off today with the first project. I want to make a pencil case. These  in fact....

Aren't they cute! 

Fabulous for back to school and you still have time to make some. They are made with a couple of 10" squares and these beauties are from Makower - looovin' me a bit of Makower!  The purple one is from the same company and I have a retailer info link just under the photo for you.

You can find a stockist here for their great products.

So what do we need? Well we need two 10" squares of fabric and we need a bit of pretty ribbon or a Kam snap and we need some sort of fusible interfacing to give strength. I am using the strongest pelmet interfacing that I can get my hands on for the turquoise one and some soft but thin fusible wadding for the purple one. And that's about it actually. You can add a label and a name tag if you like. We need a Kam snap and everything that is needed to put it on if you are using that method.

Let's get started then. The photos will be a mix of the two so that you can see what is going on in both and you get a mix of both techniques. Crease the squares to find the middle and cut each one neatly in half like this 

Now join them to make a longer piece like this (one will become the outer and one will be the lining

Cut a piece of interfacing to fit one of the pieces of fabric and iron it on to stiffen the outer piece. Now make three folds. Your pieces of interfaced outer measures 49cm x 12cm. Fold the bottom up 20cm and crease it 

Now fold the top down 9cm and crease that

Make a mark along the back with your water soluble marker (not easy to see on this pattern) so that you can find the creases again later.

The purple one is along the same lines but you can see that I have cut the wadding 1/2 cm smaller all around. this reduces the bulk in the seams and you will thank me for it when we get to the sewing up bit.

Do the fold thing for the purple case just as you did before but this time, grab something round and trace around it onto the flap to make it round too....

Now is the time to put a label on if you want to. I have added mine in the middle 2cm up from the bottom. Here is a link to my tute to show you how to make these.

The addition of some felt finished with the pinking shears makes it a bit nicer still. 

The purple one has a slightly different to make a fabric stamp here.

Next we need to add the ribbon if you are using it. Come down 5cm from the top edge and sew the ribbon on (make it just a little wider than you need)

The snap on the purple case is a bit different. You add that last.

Now place the outer right sides together with the lining and sew all around the outside leaving a gap for turning out. 
Clip the curve on the purple one too so that it lays nice and flat when it is turned out...

But before you do turn out, go to the flap bit on the turquoise case (the bit that will go through the ribbon to keep your case closed) and then find the centre of the flap (5.5cm).
Now measure up 8cm each side and make a mark there too. Go back to the middle mark and make a line 3cm either side of it so that you have a 6cm bit in the middle. sew from the 8cm marker on the side to the end of the 6cm mark. Repeat on the other side and then trim the excess away. Here is what it looks like

This means that your flap will fit through the ribbon now and not pucker. Practise this on some paper if you are a bit nervous.

Turn out through the gap and then iron again to make everything neat. You now have a lined piece of whatchamacallit with a ribbon and a label or a space where the snap will be. Not quite a pencil case!

Now go back to your creases/marks and fold neatly. Pin or clip and then stitch up the sides and top stitch around the flap at the same time. This will sew up the gaping great hole in the side (the turning out one) too. You will notice that I snuck a little piece of lace into the side of one too...

Finally, for the purple one, add the Kam snap according to the instructions.

NOW you've got yourself a pencil case! And don't think that it is just for back to school - with the adult colouring in craze sweeping out world, everyone needs a pencil case. Make them as gits or make them to sell on markets. Make them out of all different colours too. The are easy and cheap and they are super useful.

Here is the finished thing again...

How cute can you get!

The Giveaway!

Well thank you for dropping by and I do hope that you have enjoyed this tute. Just to show you how much I appreciate your support, I have a small selection of Makower 10" squares AND some labels to give away. 

To win, sign up to follow me by email (you will find the box in the right hand column)  and I will randomly draw the winner on Friday 11th September. Here is the prize.....

look at the labels!

There are 7 safari print squares and a panel with 9 labels!
Hope you win!

Love and hugs
Debbie xxx