Thursday, 5 March 2015

Week two of the beginners English Paper Piecing Patch-along

Before  I get going this week, may I be allowed a bit of a ta-da moment? My pink and blue baby bag made the cover of Quilting For You magazine! Love it when that happens and it never gets old! 

Picture of Fabrications Quilting For You March 2015

In other news...Spring is starting to, well, spring in England now and everything is looking very pretty. Out of the bare earth, flowers are struggling to be seen and I can really see how ancient people dwelling here saw this as evidence of new birth and new growth. I mean, compare this

to this...

Or this

to this

Now I am famously no fan of the sun - probably jealous envious because I cannot go out in it but I can see the point of using it as a mood enhancer!

And like the spring sunshine starting to grow in strength, we are now up to week two of the mystery Patch-along. Here is the star centre of our medallion as it started out last week...

And this week....drum roll....we are going to add some hearts! The great news is that you will use the  diamond shape again which can be found in the original post here.

You will need to cut twelve of these diamonds and then cover them with the fabric as you learnt in week one. They will look like this...

One question is worth posing at this point - how do I choose the fabrics? This is actually quite a bit deal because a lot of work goes into these projects and the wrong fabric can sink the whole thing. 

But there is an easy answer. Can you see how my main  fabric (the stripe) has some green in it but not much? That is how I chose the green hearts next. Look at your main fabric and then go for the colour used the least for the next main bit. That's it!

Now, in week one we had the diamonds points outwards. This time we will sew them together so that the points are together. See how the tail tucks under?

Sew them down the long side to make the heart. How cool is that!

Remember the 'tails' from last time?  Just tuck them out of the way as you sew. The next thing now is to attach each heart into the space very kindly provided by the design....

And then repeat for all of the others so that we now have this effect

Pretty!  You know, the more I look at this design, the more it screams 'tuffet' at me so I am thinking that we might make a nice big patio cushion out of it when we are done. You know the sort? With piping and big enough to use as a floor cushion. Yum!

Next time, we have a new shape and it is a teeny, tiny one to test your skills!

'Till then, thank you so much for stopping by and keep on patchin'!

Love and hugs
Debbie xxx