Friday, 13 March 2015

Week three - English Paper Piecing for Beginners Medallion Patch-Along

Nature is moving on apiece in Norfolk. Still on the cool side but we are starting to get LEAVES! 

A splash of green and a bit of blue makes all the difference  and that brings me nicely to this week's addition to our patch-along!

Well, anyway, back to our sewing. Well wow! Week three already! And this one is a smaller post in every sense of the word. This time we are going to tackle 3.5cm (1 1/2 ") diamonds. Now normally, bigger is better when it comes to diamonds but bear with me here, they need to fit into the gaps on our medallion!

So here is what we have so far...

Looking rather good I think. Remember what I said about choosing fabrics last week? If not, take a look here. So far, the little hexie in the centre is getting a bit lost so we will revisit that fabric and bring it back into the diamonds.

Before we do anything, here is your template piece for the week...

If you need a refresher for basic English Paper Piecing, you can find it here in the first post of this series. These diamonds are a little smaller than the other pieces that we have been using so they are more fiddly. But don't be put off. Learning smaller pattern components is not impossible, just another step on the journey. Go slower and be precise.

You will need 6 diamonds and remember, they will have tails at each end because of the sharper points there. This is not a sign that you have done it wrong. Just poke them out of the way when you sew the pieces in. Here is a covered diamond...

Here is one placed into the gap in the pattern. See how the tail goes behind?

When it is sewn in, you will not see the tail at all.

See how the repeated use of this fabric echoes the original hexie?

A diamond goes onto each point on the original star. Sew all of the diamonds into place and you will have this....

It is a bit crinkly as yet because of the paper but rest assured, it will all work out. By the way, you can remove the paper from the striped diamonds now if you like because they are completely surrounded and won't distort. 

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Love and hugs
Debbie xxx