Friday, 22 August 2014

Craft market favourite - fabric tissue holder

Hi crafting friends!

I am in that scrap basket again today although regrettably not to fulfil my promise to make floral key fobs! One day I promise. My mind is all over the place and there are so (sew) many possibilities.

I woke up at 3.00am this morning and my mind was going crazy with ideas. That was not all that welcome but I managed to single out an idea for you which made sense (at the time) and I thought that you would find it useful. It is a scrappy make again and it is bright and breezy. Here it is.....

What do you think? Well let's see how it is done. First choose your fabric. I have found two reasonable pieces and they go nicely together so all good. This pattern is based on an average size of personal tissue packet (the sort where you get ten in a pack) that is for sale in Britain. I would think that other areas of the world are okay too - I can speak personally for Germany and Australia.

You will need two pieces of fabric - one for the outer which measures 14cm x 15cm and one for the lining which measures 17cm x 15cm. 

With the right sides together, sew the side seams. You will notice a bulge as the lining is larger than the outer. Don't worry, this is normal and the extra bit will form the trim on the front when it is flattened out.

See what I mean?  Now turn the casing the right way out and flatten so that you have a little bit of lining visible on each side.

Fiddle about a bit until the two trims on each side are dead even. By the way, the best way to do a job like this is to slightly damp the fabric with a fine mister. It makes the fabric behave differently and is easier to handle.
Next, bring the two outside pieces to the centre...

You might be wondering why the cover is so long at this point. It is because we are going to French Seam and we need the extra. Don't panic though, French Seaming is easy!
Sew across each end (and make sure that the cover is the right way out as shown).

Now fold it inside out and sew along the edges again, trapping the raw edge inside the new seam. That is what French Seaming is all about. It is used on very light fabrics and in situations where you will see the back of the project and you neither want to line it or see the raw edges. I am using it here because I don't want raw edges inside my tissue cover. 

TIP: when you sew the first seam (outside) don't make it quite as generous as usual.

Here it is, the right way out again....

Very simple and ideal as a stocking filler, yes, I know but you cannot deny that it is coming soon. It is a handy thing to have on a craft market table too. It uses next to no fabric, is made in minutes once you get going and is pretty enough to catch people's eye.

I have made some in other colours, they are worth making in quantity for quick gifts.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you have enjoyed this little make!
Hugs and kisses