Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Parisian Paperweight

Hi Folks!

I have had a little idea after looking at a rock yesterday (as you do) and I thought that it was crying out for some decoupage. 

Decoupage has never really been my thing. I have painted things and sewn them and decorated them in all sorts of ways but the decoupage bug has never really bitten. Until now. Typically, me being me, it has bitten hard and I am eyeing everything off for possible embellishment.

This rock is my first victim and I have kept it very simple for people who may be new to this.

Firstly, what will we need? 

- a rock. (smooth river and beach pebbles work best)
- pretty paper images. I have used Rose Garden by First Edition Papers. They have a page of hearts which are just perfect.
- Decoart Decoupage Sealer: Matte
- DecoArt acrylic paints: Citron Green, Baby Pink, Warm White
- DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Champagne Gold
- 3/4 flat brush, stylus and a smaller brush
- your usual decoupage needs including a sharp pair of scissors

Step One:
Choose your image and cut it out roughly...

Step Two:
Cut the image out perfectly and then coat the front with decoupage sealer and allow to dry....

Step Three:
wet the back and rub with your finger to remove some of the paper which adds to the bulk....

Step Four:
Coat the rock with sealer using the 3/4 flat brush and arrange the hearts on. Brush with more sealer to totally encapsulate the images. Allow to dry....

Step Five:
Make some brush end dots around the hearts. This involves dipping the brush end into paint and then dabbing it onto the project. I have chosen pink for one heart and green for the other. Allow this to dry....

Step Six:
When the first layer of dots are dry, come back and go over them with a contrasting colour with a different 'dot maker'. This could be
a stylus or a pin....

Choose from gold or white.

Step Seven:
You can take a really small (micro) stylus or a pin and make some fine lacy dots around one of the hearts. I have mad them in classic groups of three which looks suitably elegant in this setting...

DecoArt also make an outdoor version of their sealer which is fabulous for then putting this rock into the garden. It brightens the space when the flowers are not yet ready.

Or of course, you could put it to its initially intended use of keeping your papers tidy - all up to you!!

Happy crafting!

Coming on Friday as Scheduled - The long awaited Mug Rug. Week Three of the Great Scrap Challenge!