Friday, 10 January 2014

More Flowers For Your Garden!

Morning dear friends!

I had a really big response to the last post of paper flowers - I would like to thank everyone who supported me and I am so happy that my fellow crafters found something that was inspiring and useful. With this in mind, I have made some more flowers and I have taken some more photos aso that you can see the versatility.

My favourite thing from which to make paper flowers is mulberry paper. It has great structure and texture to boot and it comes in a lovely variety of muted shades, really nice for any sort of paper craft.

However, it is not mandatory. I have made some flowers in this grouping from other things including normal scrapbooking paper and pages from an old french dictionary for variety! There is a purple textured one made from a really fibrous paper too which was interesting. That one is on the left.

Take a look....

The one from the scrapbooking paper is the blue and white gingham one. It holds its shape really well. Here is a closer picture.

And another...

The one made from dictionary pages is the printed one (and take a look at the baby one in the middle). That's a dictionary one too.

Old books have a lovely antiquely muted look about them. They are never gaudy and they have a history of their own. They smell like old books which is even better!

By the way, you can make your flowers smell like flowers with some essential oil. Make roses and pit a tiny drop of rose essential oil on to satisfy all of your senses! Make sure that it doesn't creep and stain the paper though. Stick it right on the back.

All you really need to have to make lovely flowers is a wonderful collection of dies and punches in various shapes and sizes. Keep an eye out for them in sales (Sizzix has one on right now) and gradually build a selection which inspires you. Keep paper scraps then and use the scraps which fit each die or punch and layer them up. You need at least three layers of thicker paper and with the dictionary page, tissue or crepe which is thinner, you will need about ten to twelve. My dictionary page flower has twelve layers!

Before I go for now, here is a photo of Sally (not the best shot in the world) but she is sitting at the top of the stairs waiting. Can any animal in the world look as disgruntled as a cocker spaniel? She doesn't really do waiting but I had to go down stairs where the light was better for the photography. Talk about bossy!

And I thought human colleagues could be a bit of a trial!

Well thank you so much for stopping by and I feel a little more creativity so stand by for another blog today!

Love Debs