Monday, 13 January 2014

Cupids For Valentine's Day

Well hey there again!

I know that I am a little early for Valentine's Day but trust me, it is looming and I thought that I would create some different ideas for you to use on cards and papercraft layouts.

Enter three different cupids - actually it is the one cupid three ways but I reckon that you have that one sorted out....

The first one has been painted and stamped.

The second one is burnished with glod and polished. I added a paper flower and a drape for modesty.

The third one is my favourite - bronze with patina.

Lovely. But how is it done? Well firstly, begin with the Tim Holtz Alterations die, Cupid, Arrow and Hearts and your Big Shot die cutter. then you will need some chipboard. Cut out a cupid and an arrow. You will need this first step for any of the three.

Chipboard is just that little bit more substantial  than paper and it paints up really well. If you haven't got access to this equipment have a look on eBay - I have lit on the mad idea to sell these cutouts in a pack of three. I will post a link when I get sorted out.

Okay, Let's begin with the stamped one. You will neeed DecoArt acrylic paint in Light Mocha and a #12 flat brush. You will also need Dew Drop ink in Espresso Truffle. Finally, grab a stamp which grabs you (interesting mental image there) and some black ink. I have used Ranger Archival in Jet Black.

Basecoat the cupid with the paint and allow it to dry. Ink the edges with Espresso Truffle. It should look something like this....

You will notice that the inking is not perfect. It isn't supposed to be. Now ink with your chosen stamp. I have used a sheet music one abut I am not utterly convinced that it is a good idea. The horizontal lines are a little too pronounced. A more subtle choice may have been better.

When you ink with the black ink, it makes a really nice bright and crisp image. Soften it a little to make it look older by sanding it VERY CAREFULLY. Remember that you are working with card. Repeat all of these steps on the arrow if you haven't done that already and then glue the arrow into place.

Cupid number two is the one with the fabric wrap. Go with the DecoArt paint - Light Mocha again and allow to dry. now use another great decoArt product, Metallic Lustre in Iced Espresso. This is a grand product which brushes on, dries and then you can polish it to a lustre with a soft cloth. I used a Kleenex! The paint washes up in water too.

I wrapped a small scrap of tulle around this cupid in the style of any of the old masters. You can stop there or add a bow, some ribbon and a flower. The pearl in the centre finishes it off nicely. I used my hot glue gun for all of this. Quick and professional looking.

Here he is again.

Right, this next one is my favourite at the moment. I am loving bronze with a patina of age.

This one is the most work but it is still really easy and you can make this even if you have never even SEEN a paint brush. You do need to be able to spread butter onto bread though - you will see what I mean in a mo.

Firstly, what will we need? DecoArt products are Paintable Stucco, Acrylic Paints in Soft Black and Colonial Green, Dazzling Metallics (Glorious Gold) and (Worn Penny) and Metallic Lustre in Copper Kettle. Add a #12 flat brush and a #12 blender mop too. You will need your hot glue gun and a small palette knife too.

Glue the arrow on first this time and begin painting  by spreading the Paintable Stucco onto the card like spreading butter onto bread. Use the palette knife and make it rough.

Allow to dry and basecoat all over with the Soft Black paint using the #12 flat brush. Mix Worn Penny and Glorious Gold together (1:1) and paint this all over next.

Now take  the blender mop brush and paint in a stippling motion (bouncing up and down) - the brush, not you.....with Colonial Green. Allow some of the metallic layer to show through.

Finally, and with a very dry brush, burnish with Copper Kettle very sparingly and mainly over the high ridges of texture. Now you can see why you needed to roughen up this surface a bit. The good news is, if you hate what you are doing, basecoat over it and start again - usually from the first metallic layer. The burnishing and patina needs a little more practice but it is still easy. have a go and surprise yourself!

When the Metallic Lustre is dry, polish it with a soft cloth and you will see a beautiful glow.

You can use these little guys on cards and scrapbook layouts or anything else which takes your fancy. Consider wedding things and papier mache gift boxes. And you can use them either way around if you want the classically symmetrical look.

Have fun and let me know how you do!

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