Friday, 29 November 2013

Woven Ribbon Roses

Hi All!

I want to show you a new use for an old ribbon embroidery favourite this time - the woven ribbon rose! It is a really easy one to make and I have discovered a way to make it perfect for paper crafters. You can make it any size, just remember to scale down the size of the ribbon and the size of the paper scalloped circle if you make it smaller.

So, what do we need? Very little really, a small amount of reasonably thick paper, silk or faux silk ribbon, a co-ordinating colour embroidery cotton, a blunt, large eye needle and some glue. It is easier to use a die cutter (I love my trusty Big Shot) and an appropriate die. Again, Sizzix have some wonderful choices here. I like the scallped circle set   because it comes in several sizes so you can make several rose sizes.

Begin by cutting a paper circle. I have cut a dark pink one because my rose will be pink.

Now make a circle very lightly with pencil around the outside. My scallop is 10cm diameter and the circle is about  9cm. This does not have to be super accurate. If you are confident, you can go by eye or just mark five points aropund the perimeter.

Thread a needle with thread and bring the thread up through the centre of the circle (as near as possible) and down on one point on the perimeter. Keep going to make an odd number of 'spokes' like a wheel. I have made five.

Now thread a fairly large eyed needle with your ribbon (you will need about 1.5m; it is better to have too much than not enough, not enough means beginning again, more means a sumptuous rose), bring the ribbon up through the centre of the circle and begin to weave it in and out of the spokes, making the ribbon a little looser as you work towards the outside. The embroidery cotton is a co-ordinated colour so that if it is visible after the rose is made, it will not be so obvious.

Extra wide ribbon and a nice long amount of it means a really lovely, full blown rose. It doesn't matter if some of the paper circle is visible - this is why we choose a nice paper and a scalloped edge.

A note of warning out to be included here, remember that you are working on paper and that it will tear if you are too rough. Although I have suggested that you use a slightly heavier than normal paper, it will still not put up with too much so go carefully!

Hide the end of the ribbon under a petal with a dab of glue. I like my Dremel Glue gun for this. Now simply place the rose and it's decorative circle where it will look nice on the design. Glue in place. Think about using these on altered paper mache gift boxes. They look very nice and very vintage.

Next time, I will show you how to make an colour some realistic looking rose leaves to go with your blooming masterpiece!

Thanks for stopping by!