Friday, 29 November 2013

The Simplest Earrings Ever!

Morning Friends!

I was playing around with beads and bits of wire (as you do...) and I made some very dainty and feminine earrings. I immediately thought of you and decided to share the make.They are a really cheap project too which is quite important and they are quick as a flash. 

Best of all, I had run out of ear wires so I made some which I think look even better. 

These are made with 6mm crystals in lilac but you could use anything at all really so long as it fits onto the hoopy bit (stop me if it is too technical!)

So what do you need and how did I make them?

You will need a couple of pairs of pliers, one flat nose and one chain nose.
You also need- 2 eye pins (5cm long)
               2 10 mm jump rings
               2 4mm jump rings
               2 6mm faceted crystal beads
               a marker pen or similar (a mandrel instead if you have one)

Step One:

Take the two eye pins and bend them around the marker pen to make the ear wires. doing it together helps to ensure that they will turn out the same. Ensure at this point that the wires at the 'back' are slightly longer than the front.

Step Two:

As you can see, the size of the tool is important when bending the ear wires - a marker pen is ideal and you will achieve a lovely rounded shape. Bend the 'eyes' on the eye pins around so that they are straight.

Step Three:

Use the pliers to open the larger of the jump rings and put the bead on. Because of the angle of the arc with these rings, the 6mm bead will not slide on easily. It will just go slightly past the split. What you have to do then is to 'persuade it very gently' to go on enough to close the hoop. Then bring the bead back to cover the opening. This ensures that the earring will not come apart and it looks neat and well finished.

Step Four:

Repeat step three for both earrings and then use the smaller jump ring to attach the decorated hoopp to the 'eye' of the eye pin.

Let's have a look at the finished article again....

They are great as last minute gifts and they are super for using up the last couple of really pretty beads.

What do you think?

See you again soon!