Friday, 29 November 2013

A Walk In The Woods

Hallo again! I haven't got a huge amount for you today but watch this space because I have decided that the time is just right for a craft gathering walk in the woods.

The best crafting things can be found there for nothing at all. But there are some rules to be followed.

1-While no one will really mind if you gather fallen treasures like acorns and pine cones from under the trees, there may be something said if you cut branches off the trees so limit your hunt to small items already on the forest floor.

2- If you want wood, ask the forest authority for your area if it is okay. Mostly it will be but it is always better to have done the right thing.

So, that said, what are we looking for? I love pieces of birch wood with the bark on. They are great for making little figures and for candlesticks. The bark is good for beads too and lots of other things think wrapping jars with bark to make candle holders.

Acorn caps are great too and they are very useful to combine with felt balls and beads for woodsy jewellery.

Feathers are cool too and the birds don't mind if you pick them up off the ground:-)

It is summer at the moment so there are seasonal offerings for the would be crafter. And it is always such a journey of discovery for me because, just like a good fishing trip, I can never be sure what I will find.

See you tomorrow!

This dream catcher was made with found woodland items. Gifted feathers and a piece of willow kindly donated by a man pruning a tree.

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